Bistro Menu

At Ty's, we like to make things fresh & local so our menu is constantly changing. Here is a sample of some of our typical menu items. We can't guarantee that this is the menu, but we will promise that what's on the menu will be bitchin.


  • carrot coconut ginger
  • split pea and ham
  • tomato basil & roasted garlic
  • cauliflower blue cheese
  • broccoli almond cheddar
  • roasted squash with apple


  • roasted pear, walnuts and gorgonzola on greens with a balsamic reduction
  • roasted beets, arugula, goat cheese with a warm local honey dressing
  • watermelon, grilled halloumi with basil dressing
  • spicy chickpea salad with cilantro
  • roasted vegetables (zuc,eggplant,peppers,onion)
  • quinoa with roasted vegetables in a honey apple cinder dressing
  • cous cous with tomato, cucumber, cilantro and lime
  • nicoise salad-greens, roasted potato, green beans(or asparagus) boiled egg, aged cheddar and olives



  • turkey cranberry almond
  • roasted vegetables with goat cheese
  • apple fennel onion cheddar
  • grilled cheddar watercress with apple chutney
  • chicken apple walnut
  • artichoke spinach cheddar
  • mushroom spinach cheddar


  • tomato basil bocconcini
  • spinach tomato feta
  • mushroom cheddar arugula
  • rosemary ham cheddar onion
  • chorizo spinach cheddar


  • prosciutto melon
  • roasted vegetable goat cheese baguette bites
  • roasted tofu lollipops on a little stick in a soy chile sesame sauce
  • vegetable rice wrap rolls in a peanut sauce served in a mini cup
  • mushroom leek cheddar mini quiche
  • chicken apple salad mini sconewiches
  • pear, blue cheese, walnut naan bites
  • prosciutto fig naan bites
  • buckwheat blinis with salmon capers and creme fraiche
  • chorizo on a pick served in a little cup of aged cheddar sauce with blue chip garnish
  • chili lime prawn skewers
  • cheddar cumin gourgiers
  • mushroom leek cheddar tatin
  • ponzu tuna picks with arugula
  • mini fish tacos (halibut, salsa and greens)
  • aged cheddar, watercress, apple chutney bites
  • double stuffed sweet potato with chipotle and aged cheddar
  • savory popcorn/sweet popcorn
  • fritters in paper cones
  • grape 3 cheese roasted garlic walnut naan bites
  • hummus
  • baba ganoush
  • mini skewers (curry coconut chicken, teriyaki beef, spicy prawn)
  • mushroom ragout on crispy polenta
  • bacon cashew caramel corn