Ty's Bistro Lunch Menu Served 11am-6pm Mon-Sat and closed Sunday

At Ty's, we like to make things fresh our daily soups and specials are constantly changing.

Selection of fresh home made SOUPS prepared daily

Add fresh bread, side seasonal salad or scones for a complete tantalizing  meal

  • Carrot coconut ginger

  • Split pea and ham

  • Tomato basil & roasted garlic

  • Cream of Cauliflower

  • Portuguese kale

  • Yam Chipolata

  • Chicken Veggie

  • Black Bean & Veggie

  • Shanghai style Won-ton soup

Seasonal SALADS

  • Roasted vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, peppers, onion)

  • Mixed salad-seasonal greens, boiled egg, tomato with olive oil herbs and balsamic

  • Baby spinach or green leaf with tomatoes, cilantro, walnuts, cranberries

  • Greek Salad-Feta cheese, olives, cucumber , tomatoes and herbs with olive oil

Add a topping of smoked salmon, chicken breast, smoked turkey, black forest ham, prosciutto, jumbo shrimps and triple A beef to create the perfect dinner salad

LUNCH Sandwiches

Sandwiches are made fresh and oven heated or panini grilled with choice of Ciabatta bun, multi grain, everything bagel, gluten free or multi grain sour dough

  • Black forest ham, smoked Turkey or chicken breast with aged cheddar cheese on ciabatta bun

  • Montreal style Pastrami on multigrain sourdough with Dijon & dill pickle

  • Veggie mix with mushroom tomato lettuce and avocado

  • Homemade Meatloaf, dill pickle with lettuce on multigrain sourdough

  • Club house Triple Decker on multigrain with choice of turkey, ham or chicken breast

  • Grilled Cheese with cheddar on multigrain

  • Egg Salad with green onion and lettuce

  • BLT Bacon lettuce and tomato

  • Smoked Salmon on a toasted everything bagel with cream cheese, dill and capers

Tasty, healthy Burgers and Dogs

  • Grilled Chicken or pork sausage with Dijon on a sesame bun with sauerkraut

  • Pan fried Wild Salmon Burger on a multigrain Ciabatta bun

  • Chicken Burger on a multigrain Ciabatta bun

  • Veggie Burger on a multigrain Ciabatta bun

  • Home made 100% AAA beef burger on a multigrain Ciabatta bun

East Indian Naan Flat bread

(Made fresh wait to order)

  • artichoke spinach and mozzarella cheese

  • mushroom spinach and mozzarella

  • fresh pear with walnuts and blue cheese

  • sun-dried tomato and spinach with mozzarella

  • roasted veggie with goat cheese

  • tomatoes sweet pepper and feta cheese

  • Italian salami with mozzarella

House hot Comfort Food (while supplies last)

  • Signature cabbage rolls

  • Delicious shepherds pie

  • Spring Rolls

  • Roasted sausage

  • Meat Loaf

  • Fresh mushroom Rissoles in Ty’s special demi glaze

Happy Hour Tapas 10% off 3-6pm Monday - Saturday

Dinner Menu Monday - Saturday 6-9 pm

            Ty’s Dinner & Tapas Menu



Soy beans in pods garnished with sea salt 

Ty's home-made spring rolls (4) with Thai dipping sauce .......... $8

Mushroom, seasoning and veggies 

Pan seared mushrooms .......... $9

Seasoned garlic and butter with cilantro and basil drizzle 

Bacon, Cheddar & Sun-dried Tomato Bruschetta (4) ........$10

Bacon & melted cheddar with sun-dried tomato 

Prosciutto Bruschetta .......... $10

Prosciutto with grilled crisps, feta cheese, fresh tomato and basil (4) 

Seasoned Asian Chicken Bites .......... $10

Chicken Breast served in Crispy Won Ton cups with pesto, cheese and tangy sauce 

Ty's Spicy Dumplings (10) ..........$10

Spicy dumplings made with pork & veggies, served with spicy sauce 

Smoked Salmon Cucumber slices ..........$12

Cucumber slices (6) smoked sockeye salmon, cream cheese, dill, capers, lemon wedge 

Montreal style Chicken Wings ..........$12

A pound of Tender oven baked chicken wings with Ty's seasoning 

Ty's home-made Poutine ..........$12

Grease-less fries with peppercorn mushroom gravy and cheese curds 

Ty's Nachos ..........$13

Cheddar & Monterey jack, tomatoes, olives, green onions, jalapeños with side of salsa and sour cream 

Succulent pan-seared jumbo shrimp ........$14

Garlic and butter with lemon pepper and white wine (5) 

Pan seared large scallops in white wine sauce ..........$16

Garlic and butter Pan fried large scallops with lemon pepper and dill (6)


Soup of the day (ask server priced accordingly)

Wonton Soup………. $9

Dinner Salads  

Mixed greens salad………. $12

(Seasonal mixed greens, egg, tomatoes with olive oil & balsamic)

Greek salad………. $15

(Feta Cheese, Olives, Tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, peppers & Herbs

Ty’s Cobb & Herb Salad………. $18

Mixed greens, egg, bacon, blue cheese, chicken breast, avocado, bacon, cranberries & seeds

Ty’s Gourmet Burgers

Veggie Burger on a fresh ciabatta bun……….  $12

Nicely garnished and served with choice of grease-less fries or side of mixed greens 

Chicken Burger on a fresh ciabatta bun………. $13

Nicely garnished and served with choice of grease-less fries or side of mixed greens 

Salmon Burger ………. $15

Nicely garnished and served with choice of grease-less fries or side of mixed greens 

Home made lean AAA beef burger on a fresh ciabatta bun……… $16

Nicely garnished and served with cheddar, tomato, lettuce & chipotle with grease-less fries


Tasty sausages with seasonal veggies and mashed potatoes or grease-less fries……. $13

Served with choice of grilled sausages either chicken feta, pork or chicken mango sausage 

Boneless Chicken Breast stir-fry……… $14

Tender chicken breast with seasonal veggies, seasoning, garlic and white wine over tender rice 

Super Shepard’s Pie with seasonal veggies……… $14

Lean ground beef with seasoning gravy peas, carrots & corn topped with mash 

Ty’s Signature Meatloaf with side salad and mashed potatoes or grease-less fries ……. $16

Home made recipe made with lean ground beef, seasoning, garlic, tomato sauce 

Ty’s Chicken Marsala with sweet peppers and mushrooms………. $18

Tender chicken breast slices, mushrooms, herbs and white wine cream sauce served with rice or mash

Succulent Jumbo Shrimp with garlic and butter and seasonal vegetables over rice……$19

Jumbo prawns seasoned and sautéed in butter and garlic

Pad Thai with chicken………. $15

Pad Thai veggie with Tofu……… $15

Pad Thai with jumbo shrimp………. $17

Pad Thai with both chicken and jumbo shrimp……. $21

Daily 3 course Dinner Specials

      (Ask your server for the special of the day)


Ice Cream with whip cream, fruits and drizzled with chocolate sauce - $6

New York cheesecake - $7

Crème Brûlée - $8

Ty’s Drink Menu  

Ty’s Happy Hour 10% off Special 3-6pm

Bottled Wine and cocktails- ask server for daily selection (priced accordingly)


Draft Beer Pint - $6 

Draft Beer Sleeve - $5.50 

Domestic bottle Beer 330ml - $5.50 

Domestic bottle and can Beer 440ml - $7 

Import bottle Beer 330ml - $6 

Import bottle and can Beer 440ml - $7.50 

Non-Alcoholic Beer - $3.00


        Ty’s Beverages

Ice Tea - $2 

Ice Tea large - $3 

Apple or Orange Juice - $3 

Hawaii Coffee Americano - $2.75 

Selection of Teas - $2